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Market Appraisal
“Don’t Sell For Thousands Less Than Market Value!”

Get your Free Detailed Report on what your Cairns Property is worth in today’s market.

If you are selling in the near future and want to sell your property quickly and for maximum price, one of the most critical areas you need to address is the price you go to market with.

“If you get the pricing wrong your property can sit on the market for too long, becoming stale, resulting in lots of confusion and plenty of frustration for you, the homeowner”

At Team Bragg we aim for a stress free sale for our clients within 30 days by offering an immaculately presented property, a top quality marketing campaign and a price range that will draw as many buyers as possible to your property in the shortest timeframe.

I am sure you realise most buyers nowadays have access to plenty of data to determine where the price of you property may sit in the market place.

A lot of them may have been searching for months and if your presentation/ price is appealing we have found multiple offers can be presented creating fierce competition, forcing buyers up to potentially your dream price.

We use various pricing strategies to suit your property and the current market to attract as many qualified buyers quickly, thus creating a competitive scenario.

“Our detailed price analysis prevents your property from becoming stale and increases your chance of selling with a fantastic result within the magical 30 day period……Isn’t that what you are looking for?”

Using market insights, thorough research and having a finger on the pulse, the team at Team Bragg can provide you with a realistic and responsible appraisal you can be confident to go to market with.

Let us help with this crucial decision. Just pop your details in the form below and we will help you determine the best pricing strategy for your property.

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At Team Bragg we are experts at appraising the value of residential properties. Years of experience, a thorough understanding of the local market, access to recent sales and rental results and extensive market knowledge, all allow us to calculate an accurate estimate of your property's value.

Property values and house prices change with the market, so get a view of your current house value by booking an appraisal today.

Simply complete the form and one of local area specialists will contact you within the next 24 hours.

In the interim, if you need any immediate assistance, please contact our Principle Nicole Bragg 0428455563 or email

Again thank you for the opportunity, we look forward to meeting you soon.