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Privacy Policy

Bragg Real Estate is an independently owned and operated business bound by the Australian Privacy Principals (APPs). Our agency collects personal information from a client in an open and transparent way. Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is fundamental to the way Bragg Real Estate does business.

We collect information from clients for the purpose of providing service and marketing. Our policy is divided into sections that are dependent on services offered to different client types. Please refer to the below applicable client type:

All Clients

Personal information supplied may be used for the purpose of marketing. Personal information may be disclosed to a third party, for example a collection agencies, in the event of unpaid accounts.

Residential Sales Clients

Vendors and Purchasers personal information will be disclosed to the nominated Solicitors upon completion of a sales contract. Information may also be supplied to Valuers, Building, Pest or Pool Inspectors. Should the Contract be regarding an investment property, information may also be passed onto Property Management Department to assist Investors.

Data Quality

Bragg Real Estate endeavours to ensure that all data collected is accurate and well maintained. All computer information is password protected and hard copy files are securely filed within the office.

Privacy Policy of Bragg Real Estate

Access and Correction

All clients may access personal information that has been collected if necessary. To access contact Bragg Real Estate on the contact details at the bottom of this Privacy Policy statement. Bragg Real Estate endeavours to ensure that any amendments to information is actioned in a timely and efficient manner. A client will be asked to verify identity prior to personal information being disclosed. This ensures that information is only provided to the correct person and that the privacy of other is not underminded. All requests for information will be dealt with in a confidential manner. A client can opt out of direct marketing providing by Bragg Real Estate at any time. To do so a written request must be submitted to Bragg Real Estate.


Due to the intellectual property and said purposes of collecting personal information, a client cannot be anonymous in their dealing with Bragg Real Estate. If the client requests to remain anonymous in relation to services, services cannot be provided.


Our aim is to ensure that we treat all personal information with respect and care. However, should a client believe that there has been a breach of the APPs, we would appreciate the opportunity to remedy the problem. As per the Bragg Real Estate Consumer Complain and Dispute Resolution Statement and Procedure all complaints must be submitted in writing to Bragg Real Estate.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time it may be necessary for Bragg Real Estate to revise our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change our policy at any time without prior notice. Please visit or the office for a current copy of our Privacy Policy.


In accordance with the Information Privacy Act 1988, I authorise Bragg Real Estate to supply information to and obtain information from applicable third parties where required. I understand that information listed on an Application form will be used to assess the application. I authorise Bragg Real Estate to disclose personal information to the Landlord, subscribed databases and any relevant parties listed in the Privacy Disclosure Statement even if outside of Australia. I declare that all information provided is both accurate, current and supplied on my own free will. I acknowledge that all clients are given the opportunity to read the Privacy Disclosure Statement of Bragg Real Estate

Please direct all enquiries or complaints regarding privacy to:
Bragg Real Estate
In Person: 76 Forest Gardens Blvd, Mount Sheridan QLD 4869
Phone: (07) 4036 4895